Female Empowerment

Our focus is on female empowerment! Military spouse founded brand Lady Wolf is already being well-received by the public and notable celebrities. The brand is a reminder to fellow military spouses that their voice matters and to never give up on their dreams. At Lady Wolf, we celebrate the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all the magnificent women around the globe. Whether you are embarking on a path of pursuing your dreams, in the midst of achieving your goals, struggling for greater independence or soul-searching for your true authentic self, we believe that every woman possesses the power to become her own best self, realize her full potential and change her world. We also believe you should look good doing it!

Our mission is to support, empower and motivate women on their quest of discovering their purpose while embracing their individuality. We are committed to uplifting our diverse sisterhood of strong, courageous and capable women who live their lives exploring endless possibilities that ignite the passion within and nurture their warrior souls. Our messages are purposely designed to not only advocate for your voice to be heard, but inspire you along your journey. We invite you to choose a message that truly reflects the amazing woman you are, and then wear it both proudly and…loudly! Our Story

We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges. Leap.. and grow your wings on the way down!